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Welcome To Blood Flow Restriction Training

You are excited to discover BFR but with so much information available, it is hard to know who to trust and where to go for quality information. Not knowing where to go for quality information can be frustrating and time consuming

You could do the research on your own but with over 600 peer reviewed scientific studies, it would take months to read, learn and implement BFR. In addition, depending on who you read, there is conflicting information about best practices.

I understand your frustration. When I discovered BFR in 2015, there weren’t any affordable and reliable resources. After years of study, self practice and use on myself and then my patients, this site was developed to be an evidence based platform for you. I have used BFR with hundreds of patients and developed numerous programs which in turn has certified thousands of individuals to safely and effectively use BFR to improve their health and fitness and the health and fitness of their clients.

What You’ll Get
Evidence Based Information – We read the published research and best practices and pass the information in a simple to understand format

Practical application from personal and clinical use – What we teach is based in science but not theoretical. We use these applications everyday with our patients and clients

Live, On Demand, private, and one-on-one training available – Learn the way you prefer. We have a variety of options for you to absorb the content as slow or as fast as you prefer

Monthly training programs – Download our app (Iphone and Android) to have access to training on the go

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Getting Started With BFR
1) How will you be using BFR? On Myself or With Patients or Clients
2) Purchase a personal BFR set or Clinical BFR set
3) Choose on-demand, live or virtual live training
4) Notice Improved strength and size in about 3 weeks!!

Improving Health Without Lifting Heavy Weights

Improving strength and muscle size can be a daunting task. Lifting heavy weights for weeks on end can be time consuming, painful and frustrating. Many people can not lift heavy weights due to age, injury or physical limitations.

But there is hope. BFR is a safe and effective training protocol using light weights that can improve muscle size and strength in as little as 3 weeks. Learn the safest and most effective way to implement BFR for yourself or your clients and get the outcomes you deserve.

What’s Included
Evidence Based Content
Quick Implementation
Easy to consume
Cost effective training
Affordable Equipment
FDA listed Equipment
Live, Virtual and On Demand Training
App based training programs
Virtual Consultations available

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training?
Blood flow restriction (BFR) training can help individuals make greater strength training gains while lifting lighter loads, thereby reducing the overall stress placed on the limb.

Is this Training & Programming only for Professionals?
No, Anyone who wants to learn about BFR is able to learn the content and purchase products.

Is BFR Training New?
BFR Training has been around for about 50 years. With origins in Japan, BFR is relatively new to the United States.

Are there scientific studies supporting BFR safety and Use?
Over 600 articles contributed to the programming and training taught by BFR University

Is BFR Training Safe?
With the right equipment and correct procedures, BFR is a very safe and effective way to train. Because you are using light weights, there is less overall stress applied to the body

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